The Bonnie Diaries: Redefining Support

readingwithbonEntry #6:  Redefining Support

“Only when all who surround you are different, will you truly belong.”  This line has been quoted in movies and in fortune cookies.  I always felt that when people were faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges, we lean on those who can relate to us the best.  Ironically enough, sometimes the people who helped us the most had never experienced or walked our path.  They were different from us and that was okay.  Even better than ok, it’s critical.  How will we grow as human beings if we constantly surround ourselves with people we already know and never reach outside our comfort zone?  The definition of growth is the act or process of development and advancement.  Bonnie gave us a gift to grow as her parents, as people and as a small contribution to this world.

As the days, weeks, months progressed,  we held on to her therapists: speech, OT, PT.  We surrounded ourselves with various medical specialists and counselors.  We sought solace and information from anyone who could get us closer to a diagnosis.  Most, if not, all of these people couldn’t relate to our situation at all.  They didn’t have a child with a rare syndrome, or hearing loss or limited mobility issues, nor were they non-verbal.  But, what they did offer us was understanding, hope, determination, resources and support.  Providing us with as much information as they could share and help us help Bonnie at her ability level.  That’s the tricky thing about not knowing or having a diagnosis.  How much is too much assistance or not enough?  We are constantly asking ourselves this question which contributes to a whole other level of stress.  When I think about how to best support our daughter, Scott and I always agreed that it is who you surround yourself with, that makes the world of a difference.  

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